Male Height Growth Age Limit

Every individual’s body is unique and grows at different rates. Similarly, the advent of puberty; its duration and end, varies for everyone, be it guys or girls. Puberty can last from 2 to 5 years and a male body undergoes numerous physical and psychological transitions during this phase, which determines his overall height growth.
Most boys attain puberty when they are 12 years old but there are exceptions too. Even if they hit puberty much later, around 15 years old or so, they’re quite unlikely to grow after the age of 18 to 20. However, men might develop in other ways well into their 20’s. Research proves that the brain takes 25 years to develop completely, hence men might get their peak muscle mass even in their late 20’s and 30’s.
Since puberty determines height growth, for many guys the greatest growth spurt would be from ages 12 to 15. However, having a longer puberty phase doesn’t  imply more height growth compared to those who spend less time in it. Various studies and growth charts show that majority of males grow only a little after 18. In some rare cases, boys will hit puberty in their late teens and grow well into their early 20’s.
It is important to know that it is the growth plates that determine height growth.  Growth plates are layers of cartilage present near either end of long bones of children and adolescents. To put it simply, they are the part of the bone that grows longer but once a bone gets fused it can’t grow anymore. So, most guys stop growing at a particular time in their teenage, as growth plates fuse shortly after puberty.
Apart from puberty, many other factors determine the male height growth limit. It is established that genetics play an 80% role in determining a person’s height while 20% depends on external factors like sleep, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle.
 Protein deficiency along with lack of vitamins A and D in the body can cause stunted growth. Medical conditions namely Thyroid disease, Turner syndrome,  bone disease, Russell -Silver Syndrome, etc can cause a sudden stop in height growth among males.
Your height would increase after puberty, neither with regular exercise nor with the intake of proper nutrition but you could gain something by improving your posture. This will help you straighten your spine and help you look a little taller. Also, you should visit a physician regularly to check whether your child’s growth curve is progressing normally as most males reach their adult height in their late teens.
Being tall has its own advantages, however, it is not everything. How tall you grow is not completely in your hands but there are things you can do to accept your current height. Focus on self-improvement and work out consistently to improve your posture. Loosing weight and gaining muscle could surely help you boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself.

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