How to increase height after 21 by yoga

Top Five Yoga Asana For Increasing Height From The Doorsteps of Yogi Gurus

Indian culture is enriched by the knowledge of different kind of things that have helped the world become a better place. We introduced the world to Yoga and it is now getting widely adapted by many countries under the pretext of an efficient mental and physical exercise. Yoga is a boon to those people who are wondering about how to increase height after 21 by yoga because it has many yoga asana to increase height which do not take age into consideration. We have collected the some of the best height increase yoga asana from the world renowned yoga gurus for you which are going to help you increase your height.

Surya Namaskar : The Ultimate Height Increase Yoga

If you have not heard about the surya namaskar then you must be living under a rock. It is the ultimate yoga asana which has also been incorporated in several other exercise routine. The credit for that goes to the multiple steps and asana incorporated in this one ultimate yoga asana which is the perfect answer to how to increase height after 21 by yoga. The asana starts with joining your hands in a namaste gesture.

Stretching them as backwards as you can get, then getting them down to your toes. After that, you extend your one leg to the back, then another and lift your upper body up by bending it against the ground. Then repeat the same process in reverse. That is how you increase your height by surya namaskar. It is the most trusted and popular yoga asana across the world. Almost every yoga session begins with a surya namaskar and ends with the same. The efficacy and reliability of this asana is quite popular among the masses as well. Thereby making it the best choice for height increase yoga.


The anomalous height of yours can be cured by this asana. There are some people who have a shorter upper body and a longer lower body. This yoga asana is the best asana for them to increase the height of their upper body. What happens in this asana is quite simple because all you got to do is to stand upright. Then stretch your hands upwards and bend down so that your head is in direct contact with your knees. Stay in that position for about as long as you can. Then repeat the same for as many times as you want to.


Popularly known as the Easy Pose, justifies its name because of the simple steps that it has. The asana directly impacts your backbone as it requires you to sit on the ground with your back making a proper ninety degrees angle with it. The asana also helps people who have a breathing problem. The steps of this asana are quite simple because all you got to do is to sit on the ground with your legs spread. Then bend them in. Tug your left leg with right thigh and vice versa. Make sure your spine is erect. After that, place your palms on your knees in the pose of a sage. Then start taking long breaths. This asana is not just effective in increasing your height, it also helps with anxiety and stress issues.


Commonly known as the mountain pose, is one of the most effective yet easiest yoga asana for increasing your height naturally. It is the most convenient yoga pose for those who are wondering about best yoga to increase height after 20. All you got to do in this asana is to stand straight with your weight distributed evenly. Now, extend your both hands upwards and intertwine your fingers strongly. Then, lift your heals up and put all the weight on your toes. Stretch and maintain the same posture for a while. You will see how beneficial this asana is for increasing height.

Adhomukha Swanasana

Yet another simple asana which is not only helpful in increasing your height, but also helps maintain proper blood circulation throughout your body. This asana follows the given simple steps. First you got to put your weight on your limbs by getting into a table like position. Then, lift up your hips and make a “V” shape when you stretch your knees and elbows. Your arms should be distant from each other by the measure of your shoulder gap. Then, push the ground with your palms and widen your shoulders. Place your neck in such a position that your navel is visible. Hold the position for a few seconds and then let go.

These are a few height increase yoga asana which are going to fulfill the need of increasing your height while giving you mental and physical therapy at the same time. These asana prove that yoga for height increase after 25 years of age is a working option which is going to make things better for you in the long run. Just like you, there are others who are trying a lot of things to increase their heights, but to no avail. Please educate them about the effectiveness of Yoga when it comes to increasing your height.



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