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Every person with a short height has the same question that is how to grow taller. There are various traits of the human body. Each individual has a different personality in the physical and biological aspects too. Different people have different characteristics and features. Some of them have a fair complexion of skin while others possess dark skin complexion. There are people with excess body weight like obese people and also people with lean body mass. People also vary in their body height. Few people have taller heights while others have short body height. 

The social norms set by the people define certain characters to be ideal. People with fair skin complexion with maintained body weight are considered to be ideal. The body height of a person with a tall tag is considered ideal for society.

On the contrary, the skin tone of the human body is regulated by the melanin pigment produced within the body. Likewise, there are certain factors that regulate the height of the body.

Vedas cure has provided people with various techniques and methods to increase the height. Vedas cure has given a ray of hope to people who have been adamant about tall height.  

The human skeleton comprises of bones. These bones are built up of calcium and other essential minerals. The length of the bone in the body determines the height of the individual.  Longer the bones in the body, the taller the height of a person.

There are different ways by which you can grow taller

  • Calcium and Vitamin D is crucial for bone development and formation. These are essential nutrients that are to be taken by the external source. It is supposed to be taken through diet. A decreased calcium level in the body develops calcium deficiency diseases like osteoporosis in adults and osteomalacia in children. Osteoporosis makes the bones weak and fragile. Bones tend to bend in osteoporosis, thus making the person look short in height.
  • Taking proper calcium through diet and vitamin d through sunlight helps the body to maintain the calcium within the normal limits. 
  • Use ashwagandha powder to increase the height. Ashwagandha powder is a natural and herbal ingredient that helps to increase bone density and length thereby increasing height.
  • Exercise and yoga help to keep the body fit and healthy. When the body is free from any diseases it grows in a positive way. 
  • Taking a nourished diet during teenage helps to increase the height. Since teenage is a growing period it helps to increase the height faster. Taking a balanced diet and regular exercise benefits the individual.


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