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HEIGHT GROWTH TIPS At one or the other point, we have admired the height of Amitabh Bachchan and wished to have the same height. It is true that our height mainly depends on hereditary. Even though we cannot attain the Amitabh Bachchan height, but with some efforts, we can add a few inches to our height. It is said that 80% of our height depends on our genetics and the rest 20% depending on the lifestyle we adopt. Physical development majorly depends on human growth hormone    (HGM). The growth rate will be high during the puberty period and it gradually decreases once the puberty period ends and settles at its saturation. However, if you are passionate to increase your height even after your puberty period ends, here are some tips to help you. Balanced diet  Physical height is associated with bone density and bone mass. Including nutrient-rich food in your diet helps to increase the bone mass which in turn accountable for increasing body height. Prepare and have a meal which is rich in calcium and vitamin D food, which are the major component to increase the bone mass. Along with that get exposure to morning sunlight as this is the best source of vitamin D. Physical exercise The combination of a balanced diet and physical exercise has the maximum contribution to increasing the height. Physical activity promotes muscle growth and strength. Accompanying this physical activity stimulates the release of human growth hormone. Getting a good sleep  It is a popular universal truth that ‘we grow when we are in sleep’. This is because the human growth hormone produces when we are in deep and good sleep. So it is advised to get a satisfying sleep for good health and physical development. Practice good posture  We often forget to maintain good posture. But it is important to have a habit of walking with straight back and shoulder. It helps you look tall as your spine and back align straight. Practicing yoga Having said about good posture, yoga helps to set your posture right. There are some asanas that claim to increase height. Some of them are trikonasana, Bhujangaasan, Tadasana, trikonasana. Stretching involved in yoga helps to strengthen the muscles and also induces the production of human growth hormone. There are some more height growth tips that can increase your chances of growing height. Having the desired height can improve our confidence. Following these steps religiously with some efforts and determination will surely bring the expected result.    

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