Exercises to increase height

Top Five Height Increasing Exercises That You Must Give A Try

Ever since the evolution of humans began, they found different kinds of ways to survive in the most adverse conditions. Coming up with something new to face the new challenges has been a part of our innate nature. Exercising was not something which we came up with though, it was something that we discovered.

We found out that systematic physical movements at a fixed time of day have a great effect on our physical and mental health. Therefore, exercising is one of the best ways to increase our heights naturally. There are a lot of exercises to increase height that many of you are unaware of and to change that, we have collected some of the best exercises to increase height right here. Keep reading to know more about exercises to increase height after 20.

The easy way: Cycling

Remember the time when your dad took you out for the first time to teach you how to ride a cycle? Well, that was not for nothing. Cycling is one of the most effective and efficient exercises which can help increase your height. The reason is that it provides your entire body a complete workout while you get to move from one place to another. Cycling also helps in blood circulation and has proven to be effective in increasing the heights of many individuals.

Stretching: One of the best exercises to increase height

If you have tried pulling yourself up with your hands extending to touch the sky, then you have successfully mastered this simple yet effective exercise which is considered to have amazing results when it comes to increasing your height. Stretching for long durations of time subject your body to a condition in which it eventually adapts to the shape it has been in for a long time. Therefore, it is one of the best exercises to increase your height even after you have gotten older.

Hanging your body

At first, it might sound scary because the other person is literally asking you to hang your body. Well, silly jokes aside, for this exercise, you just need a simple support which can bear the load of your weight. Then, you grab that support with your hands and let go of your body. Make sure that the support is at a greater distance from the ground than your height so that you have to jump in order to get a hold of that support. It is one of the most efficient stretching exercises to increase height. However, many people confuse it with stretching. These two subject your body to the same physical conditions, but the difference lies in the absence of an external support when you are stretching on your own.

The Pelvic Shift

You might not be aware of the fact that sitting for long time periods affect your height greatly and if you are working in a nine to five desk job, then the chances of your height increasing get quite rare even after trying all the methods present under the sun to increase your height. The pelvic shift exercise is here to take care of that for you. This is one of the most recommended exercises to increase height after 20 years of age. All you got to do here is that, you have to lie down in a relaxed position. Then bend in your knees and lift up your pelvis. You must make sure that during this, the entire weight of your body is on your legs and shoulders. Hold the position for a few seconds then release.

The Land Swimming Exercise

This one looks hilarious while performing but it is one of the most effective exercises to increase your height naturally. If you are hydrophobic and cannot go into the water to swim, then you can try this exercise because the sole purpose of its existence is to provide you an increment in your height. All you got to do is to lie down on a floor or a table. Lift both the legs up and extend your hands out and move them like you are swimming in the pool. Keep doing it until you want to catch a breath. This exercise has given great results to a lot of people who were seeking to increase their heights.

These exercises are more than sufficient to make sure that you gain those extra inches on your shoulders. By following a strict exercise regime, you ensure that you are stepping towards a better you. Do not let anything hinder that for you. There will be some days when you will be at your most vulnerable, but they shall pass and then you will eventually get the time to shine. These exercises are sure to get you the desired result, all you got to do is to show some much needed perseverance while you are at it.



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