Exercise to increase height after 18

exercise to increase height after 18

Exercise to increase height after 18

We all have heard ‘our growth rate is tremendous till the age of 18 ‘. Well, but for some of us, the insecurity of short height has made to aspire to get some more inches of height. It is true that our height mostly depends on our genetic, but you would be surprised to hear there are some fruitful exercises that actually help to grow height even after the age of 18. 

Hormones have a major contribution to the changes that occur in our bodies. The human growth hormone is responsible for many physical changes in our bodies. With the proper exercise and nutrition intake, it is possible to stimulate the growth hormone to increase the height. So here are some of the exercises that can help you grow your height.

  • Exercises help to stretches our bodies. The best exercise anyone could do, even if you are a beginner and to start the journey is Surya Namaskara. It includes twelve asanas and all of them help to stretch and tone the muscles. It is associated with balanced stretching and relaxing the muscles. Thus it aims to strengthen the spinal cord along with maintaining a perfect back posture.
  • Bar hanging or pull up is one effective exercise to increase height. In this, we hold a horizontal bar with our palm and let our body suspend against gravity. This ensures the stretching and expansion of our body muscles and supports to gain height.
  • Cycling is another best way to add some inches to our bodies. By cycling our legs stretches to a good extent and helps to increase height.
  • Cobra asana also is known as Bhujangasa is mainly practiced to strengthen the spine, to stretch the shoulders and abdomen. As I have mentioned earlier anything related to stretching the spine muscles helps to increase the height.
  • One more activity we can consider to increase the height is skipping. Usually, vertical growth is correlated with the growth of the bones.  After the puberty period, bone growth gradually decreases and stops. Let’s take the example of a rubber band. If we keep stretching the band it gets elongated. The same applies to our muscles. And by skipping, our back muscles, spine, and knees tend to constant expansion and contraction. Thus skipping helps in increasing the height. Skipping also helps to provide some bone mass which again benefits the height increment.
  • Along with exercise if you consume Vedas Cure Height Growth product you can add upto 2-3 inches to your height.

I have tried to gather some easy yet effective exercises which can help you in the journey of height increasing. There are some passive ways to increase height which include oral supplements; they claim to attain the fast result. But the risk associated with them is horrific. Exercises and proper diet are the safe ways to increase height even though they show slow results.

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